Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Celebrate

Julian turned one and it is crazy to think that a year ago I had a tiny little baby in my arms. Now I have a 1 year old who is always on the run and doesn't want to be in my arms unless its nap time. He is such a boy, exploring everything, climbing, and jumping all over the place. He is keeping us on our feet, but we adore him and love every minute of his life. For his birthday party we had a Mickey Mouse themed party. I went hard at work making a few things on my own and help from the family and Cricut.

The invitation, you would pull out the card and it would reveal the address.

The birthday banner that I am so happy as to how it turned out.

Centerpieces made by me and of course we could not have a party with out chips and salsa

I made a guest book with the left over material from the invitations.

Mickey Mouse rice crispy treats for our guests.

Julian and dad with his Mickey Mouse balloon

Another pic of the birthday banner all set up

Julian loved jumping around in his bouncy house

A Family Picture

all of the children that helped celebrate with us

Pinata full of yummy candy

Since he started walking just two weeks before his birthday, Julian didn't want to pose for the camera. He just wanted to walk all around.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in the celebration!

Thank you Norma and Antonio for allowing us to celebrate our baby's first birthday in your lovely home!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catching Up

Hello again, it's been a long time since we last posted anything and well we've been pretty busy and sick. Those "colds" were actually symptoms from Julian's ear infections that he had for 4 straight months. Julian is finally feeling better!!! He took too many antibiotics, had high fevers, developed bronchiolitis and got an stronger antibiotic in a shot before the ear specialist decided to put ear tubes in. Almost two weeks after his quick surgery, the congestion, cough and runny nose has ended (relived mom). We stayed low during that time, not too much went by.

Julian did such a great job!! I was so worried that he was going to have a fit the morning of his surgery as he loves his milk. But he was easily distracted as he normaly is with the lighting, couches, toys and of course bubbles. And as a true Child Life Specialist mommie I had Julian try on and play with the anesthesia mask and he did good. I wasn't even nervous of the surgery as I was more worried about him getting upset over not eating. We got there at 6:30am, got him in his hospital pj's, took his vitals, played a little bit and by 8:40am he was in surgery. I got to go in until he fell asleep. He did cry a little after the anesthesia started but he quickly fell asleep and started snoring right away. I gave him his kiss and went out to wait in the lobby. At about 9am, I was called to recovery where he was crying waiting for mommie to feed him. We were out of the hospital a little before 10am on our way home. Once home Julian napped for almost 3 hours.

We hardly went anywhere during the 4 months of Julian's illness because he had constant runny nose. I kept thinking it was a cold so therefore I didnt not want to have other kids exposed to it. This one time we made an exception, he was looking a little better so we went to Universal Studios and as you can see by the way he was dressed I was still being an over protective mother and made sure he was all warm.
Then when he started taking antibiotics we decided to take him on his first trip to the park. He was not too thrilled about the swing so not too many pictures of that. But he sure did love the slide, ducks and scaring away the pigeons. He also has so much love towards his big cousin Chuy and enjoys playing with him.

Julian now has 8 teeth, started to pull himself up and walk around holding on at 10 months. Little by little he figured out how to get to different parts of the house by holding on to furniture, toys, people's legs, and of course crawling super fast.

At 11 months he started to show more confidence and two weeks before his birthday he decided he was a big boy and started walking on his own. Now we are on our toes constantly keeping our eye on our toddler. He still hasn't said any words although he babbles a lot so I'm curious to hear what will be his first word. A few weeks back I thought I heard momma but it was in this form momamamam....and he only said it once so not too sure if that meant momma.

Here's a picture with all of his cousins except Chuy. Just the other day Lalo told me "tia, julian is the best cousing and I love him very much" and I love lalo too :)

Ismael bought me a cool camera for my birthday and well its kind of hard to pick my favorite pictures from one pose so I did my best.

Sometime in the near future I will post all about Julian's one year and I will try to make one before his next year ok within the next two weeks :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

8 Months/Christmas/New Year

Well it has been some pretty busy couple of weeks. After Thanksgiving Julian came down with what his pediatrician swore were the chicken pox. Although they were a mild case I am not truly convinced that they were the chicken pox. He was a normal little guy, continuing to play, laugh and learn. He had very little episodes of itchiness, a runny nose and one fever during this whole ordeal that started half way through his "mild case of the chicken pox". Then as I was starting to see him get cleared he then got another cold. I do not know what is up with my little guy as he tends to get a cold every month. The saddest part to this cold is that he had it right during Christmas with fevers and all. He still has his cough and some runny nose now but it is starting to clear up (or I hope it is). So I have been busy caring for this cute boy. But we did get a break in between illnesses to visit Santa at the mall.

In the week after visiting Santa, Ismael started to feel sick. He too was sick over Christmas with fevers and body aches. I do not know what exactly got into Ismaels system but he is just too getting over what ever he had. So I have been out of the house only to go to work then come home to care for my two boys, its been tough trying to stay sane and not catch anything. Finally on New Years we got to go out briefly to go get our Disney Passes before our tickets expired. Now with the rain again I do not know when we will be out and about the town. But I am determined this year to make lots of memories. Getting out and exploring cool things around California and why not even out of state. For the moment enjoy our few Christmas memories.





Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This year was Julian's first Thanksgiving and mommys first time cooking and hosting thanksgiving dinner. Daddy was a big help as he cared for Julian while mom prepared the dishes. At times I was a bit nervous thinking dinner would be way late or that I would burn something and there wouldnt be any dinner at all. But it was a success with just one burn on my hand that I referr to as my "Thanksgiving Badge". Hope everyone had a geat Thanksgiving with their loved ones. I know we did, Enjoy the pictures :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

7 Months

Another month went by... really? Well we have been having some fun, trying to squeeze it in when mom and dad are both off work and there are no gigs/band practices to attend. We went again to Knott's and will be going more often now since we have season passes. Julian got to ride on his first ride attraction. He also got to play a game and won a prize.

We went to Disneyland, Julian's first time. He loves the theme song to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When ever it comes on he stops what he is doing and looks over to the television and with full attention. When we are in the car and he begins to get fussy, I put on the song on my phone and he calms down. So of course we had to take him to Disneyland to meet Mickey. He reached out for Mickeys nose and could not stop looking at him. I like how he is not afraid of these huge characters that we get near (hopefully it stays that way).

He is such a good boy when we are outdoors. He enjoys people watching, lights and trees. For some reason he stopped being a fan of the car rides. He does well when the ride lasts about 10 minutes. Anything longer than that he cries until the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song comes on.